Simple ZigBee Sensor, PTP and Monitoring Program

Programs to create a ZigBee network with the target boards of the ez430-RF2480 development kit from Texas Instruments®.

The simple version sends the values from the sensors with timestamps to the monitoring program. The improved one implements a time distribution protocol based on IEEE 1588-2008 PTP, to keep the same time reference between devices, on the timestamps.

For information about what software to use, refer to the section "Recomended/Needed Software" below.

New versions may be uploaded if they provide improvements or fixes.

Simple ZigBee Sensor

This program, abreviated as SZS, is to be used on the target boards of the development kit ez430-RF2480 in place of the factory default ZASA. It is to be an alternative source of research to help understand the programming of the microcontroller and adds time stamps to the sensor measurements.


Simple ZigBee Sensor PTP

This program, ZSZPTP, is an improved version of the former (SZS) which adds time synchronization to the devices' time.


Simple ZigBee Sensor Monitor

Computer program to connect and receive data from the SZSPTP. Needs custom components, see section "Recomended/Needed Software" below.


Recomended/Needed Software

The files are 7z compacted format, it can be opened with:

The tools used on development are:

After installing Lazarus, there are two custom component needed before the SZSM project can be opened: