This package contains additional components for the Lazarus IDE. The download is at the bottom.


Currently it consists of two components, TFBNAbotDialog and TFBNBufDataset


It is a dialog box that uses the project's version information to display an "About" window with optional tabs to insert text.


For the component to work it is necessary to fill in the values of Captions in the Object Inspector and add project version information.

The version information is accessed through the menu path Project -> Project Options ... choosing the option Version Info at the left of the window and checking the Include version info in executable option at the top. The relevant information should be entered in the box Other info in the window bottom right.

When added to the project, a text tab is automatically created with the license related to the component itself. This tab is not required and can be removed. Text tabs can be managed through TextAboutList property for the component in the Object Inspector.

To do

To include a figure holder in the version information tab (first tab).

Known bugs

When a project with this component is loaded, if all text tabs have been removed, the initial tab with the license for the component itself is improperly created. It can be removed again before compilation.


Implementation of TBufDataset to use in-memory tables, has export and import data streams. Some types are disabled in the export and import because they create problems in these actions, especially those with floating point data.